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We are pleased to present you The Latin Vulgate (Biblia Sacra Vulgata), the original Bible translated from Greek and other languages into Latin by Saint Jerome, about 382 A.D.
Download it now and enjoy the God’s Word in Latin language.


– Original Version translated into Latin by Saint Jerome
– Complete Catholic Bible: 73 books on it.
– The Bible includes deutero-canonical books: Tobit, Judith, Sirach, Baruc, Wisdom, I and II Maccabees.
– Compatible for Android Phones and Tablets
– You can absolutely read them without Wi-Fi service
– Completely free

“Ignorance of Scriptures is ignorance of Christ,” said St. Jerome, one of the greatest Bible scholars of all times, who translated the whole Bible from Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek into Latin in the fourth century.

In 382 A.D, Pope Damasus commissioned St. Jerome to translate the original Greek and Hebrew texts into Latin, which became known as the Latin Vulgate Bible.

The Latin Vulgate was the first Bible put into the language of the people. The common language of the people in those early days was Latin, but it was “vulgar,” a common type of Latin, and so they called it the Latin Vulgate.

For a thousand years at least, it was the translation read by the common people.

The Latin Vulgate is a Catholic version of the Bible. Pope Damasus considered these 7 Deutero-Canonical books to be inspired by God and St Jerome translated all 73 books into Latin, included the seven DC books.

The Latin Vulgate Bible is the correct bible that a Catholic is supposed to choose. That is the official version of the Bible accepted by the Catholic Church. That is the one which is used in papal masses.

The Latin Vulgate Bible has 73 books divided into Old and New Testament:


Vetus Testamentum : Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numeri, Deuteronomium, Iosue, Iudicum, Ruth, 1 Samuelis, 2 Samuelis, 1 Regum, 2 Regum, 1 Paralipomenon, 2 Paralipomenon, Esdrae, Nehemiae, Tobiae, Judith, Esther, 1 Machabaeorum, 2 Machabaeorum, Iob, Proverbiorum, Ecclesiasticus, Canticum Canticorum, Sapientiae, Sirach, Isaiae, Ieremiae, Lamentationes, Baruch, Ezechielis, Danielis, Osee, Ioel, Amos, Abdiae, Ionae, Michaeae, Nahum, Habacuc, Sophoniae, Zachariae, Malachiae.

Novum Testamentum: Matthaeum, Marcum, Lucam, Ioannem, Actus Apostolorum, ad romanos, 1 ad Corinthios, 2 Corinthios, ad Galatas, ad Ephesios, ad Philippenses, ad Colossenses, 1 ad Thessalonicenses, 2 Thessalonicenses, 1 ad Timotheum, 2 ad Timotheum, ad Titum, ad Philemonem, ad Hebraeos, Iacobi, 1 Petri, 2 Petri, 1 loannis, 2 loannis, 3 loannis, Iudae, Apocalypsis.

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